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I recognise exercising/training as a primary tool for improving self esteem, well being, mental health, confidence and losing inches in those unwanted places, but more importantly as a way of having fun whilst also stepping up or fulfilling a challenge.

I have extensive experience of training individuals and groups. I enjoy creating exercise schedules/programmes to meet every clients individual needs and goals in a variety of environments.

As a good motivator, I aim to make exercising challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. I am committed to personal development having just completed 40 mile Lyke Wake Walk in June 2013 and completing Modern Pilates level 3 in Teaching Pilates in November 2013. I'll be attending the International Fitness Showcase in Blackpool in 2016. I am now part of the Boxercise Senior Instructor team that are responsible for the training of other Instructors to become Boxercise Instructors In Newcastle and Leeds Area...

Fitness For All


RKFitness assessments include using a non intrusive BODY STAT 1500 to measure-Fat, Fat weight, lean weight, water % and total body water ,estimated metabolic rate average calories required and BMI. Followed by 5 more test to test fitness levels. This becomes your base, we know where you're staring from and we use this to benchmark your progress.

Beginners – Back to Basics

Sometimes you don’t need fancy exercises or equipment. Instead, a simplified approach could be all that stands between you and the body you want.


Intermediate – Training

With some experience under your belt, you’re ready to make advancements. We can tailor a fitness routine which will push you to the next level.

Advance – Hardcore

A calculated mix of traditional strength and conditioning exercises designed to produce fast and measurable results.

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What our clients say

Richard King coached, trained and cajoled me into changing my belief mentally and physically to complete a challenging 50 mile bike ride. Richard set me the challenge of completing the bike ride. He did this by advising me on my training schedule, my diet and combined this with encouragement and motivation. I did not have the belief that I could attain the level of fitness that I got to and have now maintained for over a year.

Clive Wisby

I think one of the most important things you have to consider when using a Personal Trainer is your relationship with them. You have to feel comfortable in their presence and have faith in what they are telling you will work. This means setting realistic and achievable targets but at the same time still making them a challenge which is exactly what Ritichie has done for me.

Peter Elsender

In a panic because of dire lack of physical preparation, we contacted Richie four months prior to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, in the hope that he would be able to provide the fitness support we needed to make our dream a reality. With Richie’s support, encouragement and expertise, we successfully achieved our goal of summiting one of the highest walkable mountains in the world, on New Years Day 2010.

Nikki and Gemma

I was referred to Richard as I needed to strengthen my knee after an operation for a damaged ligament. When we met I could walk with difficulty and drive for no more than an hour. After 9 months I can walk for hours in the Northumberland Hills, easily tackling 1 in 6 gradients and I run up stairs. I feel that I am walking better than I did 20 years ago when I lived in the Peak District.

Ian Somerville

After seeing Richie for a reasonable length of time, last night I completed a 10km run in less than an hour. I never ever thought that I would manage anything like this and have my sights on doing the Great North Run.

Thanks for everything Richie and see you tomorrow morning!

Andrew Taylor

Tailored training to meet your needs