I value each and every client and their feedback is why I love what I do. Every client is assessed on an individual basis allows us to tailor training and build strength/stamina.

Ian Somerville

"I was referred to Richard as I needed to strengthen my knee after an operation for a damaged ligament. When we met I could walk with difficulty and drive for no more than an hour. After 9 months I can walk for hours in the Northumberland Hills, easily tackling 1 in 6 gradients and I run up stairs. I feel that I am walking better than I did 20 years ago when I lived in the Peak District.

But that isn’t all, the fitness training we have done has reduced my weight; tightened my waistline; improved my cardio fitness; reduced the medication for diabetes that I have been on for years: improved my balance and co-ordination and eliminated a “hump” that had occurred at the top of my spine after years of sitting slouched in front of a PC.

To get this in perspective, I am no “gym bunny” I hated PE in school and gave up exercise, other than walking, as soon as I could. The knee injury gave me a reason to get fit, but Richard’s approach was the key to my changing my lifestyle. He built up the exercise routine over time, gently pushing my limits, but judging finely what I could manage. We began working in the garden, not a gym, and later in the local countryside using a variety of techniques which made the sessions enjoyable and avoided boredom. In addition to “core” exercises with kettle bells and walking with weighted packs we did boxercise and “circuits” with a variety of kit. I never thought I’d say this of exercise, but I enjoyed it even if doing 100+ kettle bell swings or walking up a 1 in 6 hill with a 40lb pack were “challenging” at the time. With Richard’s encouragement I pushed myself to achieve the target and felt great when I did. My friends say I look loads fitter and I feel it."

Andrew Taylor

"The purpose of this letter is to outline how great Richie has been in changing my life. Before I got started with him I was in terrible shape, with an awful diet and took no part in any exercise what so ever.

After seeing Richie for a reasonable length of time, last night I completed a 10km run in less than an hour. I never ever thought that I would manage anything like this and have my sights on doing the Great North Run.

Thanks for everything Richie and see you tomorrow morning!"

Nikki and Gemma

"In a panic because of dire lack of physical preparation, we contacted Richie four months prior to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, in the hope that he would be able to provide the fitness support we needed to make our dream a reality. With Richie’s support, encouragement and expertise, we successfully achieved our goal of summiting one of the highest walkable mountains in the world, on New Years Day 2010.

We enjoy the training and excercise so much (most of the time-and after the event!) that we have decided to keep working with Richie and are currently planning our next challenge!

We fully believe that without Richie’s significant input, both physically and mentally, the likelihood of our achieving this would have been significantly less likely."

Clive Wisby, Headteacher, Caedmon Primary School

Richard King coached, trained and cajoled me into changing my belief mentally and physically to complete a challenging 50 mile bike ride. Richard set me the challenge of completing the bike ride. He did this by advising me on my training schedule, my diet and combined this with encouragement and motivation. I did not have the belief that I could attain the level of fitness that I got to and have now maintained for over a year.

After completing the bike ride I was left with a great sense of achievement. However, what has impressed me more is the long term attitude Richard has left me with to training and leading a healthy lifestyle. I lost over a stone and half in weight for the bike ride. A year on this weight loss has been maintained.

I can recommend Richard unconditionally if you want to either make a life change, or improve your fitness levels, or train for a specific event. Richard was there for me step by step and this hands on approach was what I needed. Richard, I can not thank you enough.

Peter Elsender

"I have been training with Ritchie now for approximately 6 months and I know it sounds like a bit of a cliche but this man has transformed my life - well my body at least!

I was probably the most least motivated person on earth when it came to working out, making the same New Years resolution year after year, joining a different gym each January for a bit of variety but all ending with the same result - Failure.

I think one of the most important things you have to consider when using a Personal Trainer is your relationship with them.You have to feel comfortable in their presence and have faith in what they are telling you will work. This means setting realistic and achievable targets but at the same time still making them a challenge which is exactly what Ritichie has done for me.

If you don't believe me - ask my wife who now says she has her very own Action Man!"

Theresa Boyle

"I was bored with the gym and was looking for something different! I contacted Richie to see what he could offer.

He took the gym outdoors... (Yes to a field full of grass, buttercups, cows and s...) - amazing what he carries in that rucksack! After 8 sessions I am now carrying his weights!!!! My aim was to get fit and repair or mend the injury I was carrying in my lower back from a fall I had encountered 6 months ago.

The sessions are varied and keep me interested that I come back for more, they include Kettle Bell circuits, Boxercise (pad work), sit-ups, press ups (my least favourite), weights and very little rest in between... Results are that I have lost half a stone, 1 1/2 inches off my waist and hips also the pain in my lower back has gone. My confidence is back so I'm feeling good about myself, and friends have commented how great I look too ... my game of golf has improved ( I have challenged Ritchie to a game -going to get my own back ) .. So all I can say now is a very BIG Thank you."

Ian McCartney


"I realised I needed help when I ran up the stairs to answer the office phone & was out of breath. I spoke to a friend of mine who put me in touch with Richard King four months ago & I have never looked back since with his motivation I now train three times a week, given up smoking & run regular.

I won’t tell you it has been easy, there has been times when, should I say, have cursed Richard but he has broad shoulders & he knows my limits. Every week I do something different such as Boxercise, Kettle Bells, Circuit Training, so it does not become repetitive & boring like the “good old gym” I am gradually changing shape, I am much stronger & feel 100% fitter.

I would recommend him to anyone who wants a kick start to a healthier life style & I can honestly say you will enjoy his company, motivation & drive."

Karen McCartney


"When my husband said he was getting a personal trainer I thought “It will never last” after he had a couple of sessions with Richard at home & he was really enjoying it I decided if you can’t beat them join them. Once I had spoken to Richard I decided to try once a week just to see if I liked the exercise & more importantly if I like him as being one to one I wanted to be sure.

Well after three months I am still with him & enjoying the exercise or perhaps enjoy is not quite the right word. I am currently doing Boxercise & working with Kettle Bells just when I think I am in my “Comfort Zone” Richard ups the ante & pushes me that little further. I have just started working out twice a week & although I can’t see much difference in my shape as yet, Richard has assured me that I will start to lose the inches very shortly. I have no doubt this will be the case as I believe in him, he has talked a lot of sense over the last few weeks explained how your body works, why we have to do certain exercises certain ways & I am definitely a lot fitter.

So anyone who thinks a personal trainer is for the rich movies stars think again, as cheap as a gym but with more motivation as Richard always turns up & won’t accept excuses!!!!!!"

Laylee Afsarpour


"I came to Richie a few months back with the usual aims of losing weight, getting fit, etc. Before that I'd slipped a disc and had sciatica. It was a slow recovery so I had been out of my fitness routine for a year. I joined a gym but rarely went due to fear of slipping a disc again. (The gym is unattended most of the time so there's no one around to help with form and technique etc). My doctor recommended Pilates but their classes did nothing for me. I was barely managing 9hrs work a week due to back pain. On the whole I was out of shape and miserable!

I told Richie my aims during our first session and he said, "I'm going to make you stronger." I had never thought to make it an aim of mine before but after just a few sessions I was feeling the benefits. I felt like superwoman!

I have been able to take on more hours work (self-employed cleaner, a job I never thought I'd return to after slipping a disc) and I was doing things I'd never thought I'd be able to do again such as moving furniture up and down stairs, going for long walks with the dogs, etc. I even started a dog walking job because I was finding it so much easier to be on my feet and walk around for long periods. I am currently on my feet most of the day every day these days!

The types of exercises we do in the sessions have made me more aware of my body and posture in day-to-day life and this has really helped my back. He also gives me specific exercises that target my back muscles and strengthens them. I really enjoy the sessions as boxing and kettle bells are my favourite ways to train. I also love Pilates now too as the moves he gives me actually work so have really helped my back. I love training with Richie because he is a laugh and I feel comfortable with him. Sessions are always fun and interesting. It has been one of the best things I've done for my physical and mental health. I would recommend him to anyone!"